The origins of Impulse

A Short Story of OCD

Jamal Asskoumi, the founder of Impulse, is a former OCD sufferer just like many of you are today. As with many OCD beginnings, Jamal, had a thought, then another, then a thought about that thought and so on and so forth, until he was completely overcome by thoughts. What made matters worse, he could not find an answer, no matter how many times he played these thoughts over in his mind or looked for certainty, Jamal could not find a definitive answer. This made him anxious. And the only solution he found to momentarily squash the anxiety, was to perform compulsions and rituals.

How Impulse was

He spent thousands on therapy, receiving the advice and techniques that he needed to truly understand and overcome his OCD.

Finally reaching a stage where he could manage his OCD without therapy, he began to think of the millions of people in the same position as him, without the means to get the help they truly needed. This is where the idea of Impulse was formed.

Jamal wanted to create something for OCD sufferers. To give our community a place where they could get the help and support they needed.

Feeling anxious?

Our course has shown a reduction in symptoms
of 97% of users.

The Team

He got in touch with a number of psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors, to find the best way of creating an online course of OCD treatment. After years of research, development and testing (and putting together a crack team of awesome people), Impulse was born.

What is The Online Course

  • An audio based course of therapy to help you tackle your OCD.
  • You’ll be listening to a virtual therapist, giving you a personalised experience for your specific form of OCD.
  • It includes all the key concepts and ideas necessary to understand, tackle and overcome your OCD.

We really hope
Impulse helps you
break free from OCD.

Break free from OCD