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Through our easy on-boarding process, we’ll ask you a few questions about you and your condition, this will allow us to tailor the course to your type of OCD. During the course we’ll be able to give you specific examples to you and your form of OCD.

Begin the course!

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be prompted to start your first session of our course. This introductory lesson will go over the basics of OCD treatment, and give you a little insight on what you can expect in the future.

Stay Committed!

We have a TONNE of sessions for you to get through. It’s crucial that you don’t give up. OCD has a nasty way of making you doubt yourself, your treatment and even if you’re suffering from OCD at all! Stay strong and go through the course at your own pace.


While our course will be providing you with a lot of information and insight, we’ll also be giving you techniques and methods that you’ll need to apply on a daily basis. Remember, it would be a lot easier to not practice, but your motivation to overcome OCD means you owe it to yourself to give it your all.

Have some Me Time

We have created a huge collection of meditations, relaxations and sounds for when you’re looking to unwind, or simply practice some mindfulness.

Stay Tuned

We’re going to be putting out new content VERY regularly, new sessions, meditations, blog posts and more! Stay tuned to receive the latest updates.

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